Cape Cod Scores Promotional Coup

Tuesday, 22 September 2015 12:15 Written by  Alexandra Grabbe

9222015 Image1National Geographic lists Cape Cod in its new selection of great road trips.


No, really.  I don’t think their reporter did a very thorough job in interviewing locals.  I doubt many of us would recommend the Cape for its foliage.  While I love Cape Cod, visiting in the fall doesn’t offer the spectacular views found in Vermont, say.  Let’s be honest.  We all know it. You can't see much water from the main roads either, although 6A is picturesque with its stone walls.  The Nat. Geo. reporter doesn't seem to have left Route 6 to explore Wellfleet on his way to Provincetown.  Our town has seemed almost deserted of late, except for weekends.  This photo of a Wellfleet pond shows good color does exist here, albeit briefly.  Still, fun to have the Cape included as a road trip destination by a major magazine!  What a great promotional coup!

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