Organic Mattress Pads, Anyone?

Wednesday, 06 May 2015 16:50 Written by  Alexandra Grabbe

562015 Image1Today we are going to talk mattress pads.




Recently, in the press, there has been a lot of noise about the toxic chemicals in furniture, something I blogged about here a number of years ago.  No reports on toxic chemicals in mattress pads yet.  Have you tried to buy a good mattress pad recently?  Not easy.  Even Cuddledown, my go-to everything-bedding supply store, does not offer all-cotton mattress pads.  My exasperation had reached its max when I remembered Coyuchi, the online shop where I originally bought organic sheets for our bed & breakfast.  I checked the Web site, and sure enough: organic cotton mattress pads, no polyester fill!   My mattress pads arrived this week and they are sen-sa-tional!  They come in a nifty carry-all that can be reused, if you don’t intend to tote your mattress pads anywhere.  Our guests can lie down in luxury and not worry about breathing in toxins. 




I have been pretty quiet about toxic chemicals for at least six months.  Lots going on though.  Panera dumped artificial ingredients after Chipolte vetoed GMOs.  WHO warned folks that Glyphosate is likely a carcinogen.  Silent Spring Institute announced their researchers had found “emerging contaminants” in Cape Cod drinking water.  (Told you so, told you so.)  And, ah-hem, NStar, now calling itself Eversource, still plans to spray five herbicides over our sole source aquifer.  Where’s the outrage?


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