Year-round Population Woes Predicted for Truro

Tuesday, 08 December 2015 20:26 Written by  Alexandra Grabbe

1282015 Image1Our neighbor Brent Harold wrote a fascinating column for the Cape Cod Times this week.


The column was inspired by recent statistics, released by Truro.  How real estate values on the Outer Cape are putting houses out of the reach of regular people.  Houses get sold and second-home owners buy them.  While 37 is the number or young people touted for the future of Truro, it seems to me that Wellfleet has acquired quite a few families over the past few years.  I may be wrong, but this is the impression I have gotten from watching young parents with children shopping at Marketplace and elsewhere.


It is not surprising that retired folks move here and have the money to pay the exorbitant prices real estate now costs.  The Outer Cape seems like a great place to live, until ten or fifteen years pass and the realization strikes of how far we are from the closest hospital.  Hyannis. I have been thinking a lot about this recently, with health issues.  And, Sven, turning 78 next June.  My children love the Wellfleet house, but they have established their own lives in the city.  Not everyone has a career that can be conducted from behind a computer.  They would be reluctant to leave their friends, their kids' schools, their homes.  So, even my house may become a "second-home" and without being sold to newcomers. How different from the period when the brave lifesavers worked at the Beachcomber, above, saving lives during Atlantic storms!

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